Kinect-Based Persuasive Method for a Healthy Sitting Posture

Did you ever think of a smart computer screen to alert your unhealthy sitting postures? We have designed such a device: by reading the depth data, the computer screen blurs out when the user is putting his head too close to the screen. Otherwise, the screen works normally. We tested its effectiveness in a real-subject experiment.

Kinect-Based Exercising Game for Elderly People

This video game has combined exercising with great fun, motivating the elderly people to exercise effectively at their homes. To protect privacy, users are cut out from their home environment and set into a virtual playground on the screen. Their game scores are shared online so that offline friends could also play together online.

RFID-Based Road Guiding Cane System for the Visually Impaired

I was leading an inter-disciplinal team to design a smart cane for the visually impaired. With the road guiding cane reading the RFID labels, the visually impaired can locate themselves, be aware of traffic light signals, and find business information near them on the road. This cane was tested with real users for its effectiveness.

Chinese Keyboard Layout Design Based on Polyphone Disambiguation and a Genetic Algorithm

Optimal Chinese keyboard design

Every computer user knows the QWERTY keyboard. However, it was firstly designed to decrease the input efficiency for the mechanical typewriter. "Can we make a change?" I began to think about it in 2011, and finished this project with Prof. Pilsung Choe in 2013. I programmed to count the letter frequencies of a six-million-Chinese-characters corpus if Pinyin IME was used. …

GuguBird: A Customized News Reader

News reading is among the top of services people use daily. However, the usability of normal news reader apps are questionable. "Why do we have to browse news category by category? Why can't the app know my preferences and recommends the very news I like?" I led a cross-discipline team and we answered these two questions with our innovative product, GuguBird. …

Providing Customisation Guidelines of Mobile Phones for Manufacturers

"If people are able to customize their own mobile phone, which feature do they like to customize most?" I was having this question in the year 2010, and then did a research with Prof. Pilsung Choe in Tsinghua University. We analyzed 288 questionnaires and found out, the most reason a user wants to customize his phone, is that he wants to use it more easily. …

Location-Based SNS with Augmented Reality

The HelloWorld application creates a Social Network Service where the contents, generated by users, are virtual objects attached in the real world using Augmented Reality. Friends inside the network can communicate with each other in an indirect way with mutual connection to the augmented real world.



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