Location-Based SNS with Augmented Reality

The HelloWorld application creates a Social Network Service where the contents, generated by users, are virtual objects attached in the real world using Augmented Reality. Friends inside the network can communicate with each other in an indirect way with mutual connection to the augmented real world.


Many of us may feel lost when we are in an unfamiliar place. It would be very helpful if we have a platform that could provide direct information about our surroundings. 

And it would be even better if these information either about traveling, retailing or public activity could be automatically displayed on our mobile device when we point it to the area we want to know more about. If we further look into this problem, even when we are in a familiar place, it would be interesting if we could enrich the world by putting virtual objects at every corner of the world and meanwhile could explore it by finding elements added by other people.

Every user of HelloWorld could put virtual objects which contain text and image contents combined with the location information of the place where it’s released. And when other users are nearby this object, it could be shown on their screen by the Augmented Reality technology according to relative position and the orientation sensor of the mobile phone. So in our application, we are creating an augmented world where anyone can put anything at anyplace he/she wants. 

Apr. 2010 - Apr. 2011

Working principle. Using the HelloWorld app, the user can post and view augmented-reality object in the real world.

Prototype. When the user faces his phone to a direction, he can not only see the scene from the camera, but also a layer of augmented-reality objects that have been attached to the real objects.

Prototype. In this picture you can see, a Coke-Cola tin has been put around a tree.

Interface. The user is capable to send tweets with text and the augmented-reality object.


3 Automation students, 1 Industrial Engineering student, 2 Electronic Engineering students, 1 Art & Design student


  • Design human-computer interactions in the augmented reality context
  • Realize the pop-up dialog when users touch the augmented-reality objects
  • Development of the business mode

Learnings and achievements

  • How to code basic Android app
  • How to design human computer interactions in an augmented reality context
  • Silver Prize (2/180+) of Ericsson Application Awards Competition (04.2011)
  • Second Prize in the 29th Challenge Cup Competition, Tsinghua University

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