Chen Liao is a program manager with strengths on human-computer interaction designs in app and web products. He is currently working for Microsoft Artificial Intelligence + Research Group on En-US news products including but not limited to:

  • Hyper-relevant news for busy professionals (News Pro), including app on iOS, Android and web.
  • Conversational news chat bot via Microsoft Bot Framework.
  • Bing News business metrics data pipeline automation and visualization via Power BI report.
  • Accessibility improvements on Bing News products including news vertical, answer, and news in Cortana.
  • Bing social answer, including Twitter, Reddit, and Quora.

With double master’s degrees obtained in 2015 from RWTH-Aachen University in Germany and Tsinghua University in China, he had research experiences over user-centered designs, customized services, data visualization, and information credibility. His research findings were published in 2 SCI-indexed journals and 4 EI-indexed conference proceedings.

As the owner of German DAAD scholarship, Chinese national scholarship, and the first-class overall excellence scholarship of Tsinghua University, Chen Liao never stops seeking new challenges. His integrity, ambition, optimism, and creativity have influenced a lot of people around him.

His curriculum vitae can be downloaded here



  • 为职场人士设计的个性化新闻应用(News Pro),包括iOS和Android版本的移动应用与网站;
  • 基于微软机器人框架的对话式新闻聊天机器人;
  • 必应新闻商业数据的自动化分析通道搭建,基于Power BI图表的数据可视化;
  • 必应新闻的可用性,包含新闻主页、搜索页新闻以及微软小娜中的新闻;
  • 必应搜索页的社交内容,包括Twitter、Reddit和Quora的数据。




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