Chen Liao is a program manager who is passionate to design and innovate app and web products. With an expertise over human-computer interactions, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, he is very good to tackle complex web relevance and user experience issues via a data-driven approach. Before joining Apple, he has worked at Microsoft Artificial Intelligence + Research group for more than 3 years on U.S. news and social network products including search, browse, conversational UI and personalized feed scenarios, which are serving millions of users every day.

Chen obtained his double master's degrees in 2015 from Tsinghua University in China and RWTH-Aachen University in Germany with Chinese national scholarship and German DAAD scholarship. His research findings over user-centered designs, customized services, data visualization, and information credibility in social networks were published in 2 SCI journals and 4 EI conference proceedings. He holds 2 patents.